A Visit from Chair Jay

With Apologies to Clement Clarke Moore

Tis the first day of trading in Aught Twenty-Two
And everyone’s asking just what will come true
Will Jay and his brethren, the taper, complete?
Or when stocks start falling, will they beat retreat?
Will Omicron’s spread lead to waves of despair?
Or will people choose to live life and not care?
And what of stock markets, will their recent rise
Have legs? Or will problems lead to their demise?
To these and more questions I’ll try to respond
With forecasts for currencies, stocks and the bond

To start, let’s consider, with brush strokes quite broad
How policymakers’ decisions are flawed
Consider inflation and how it is tracked
To most it is real but to Jay, just abstract
This led to the idea of average inflation
A policy blunder condemned to damnation
So, late to the party, the Fed shall arrive
Thus, CPI next year will still be ‘bove Five

While interest rates then ought most certainly rise
Jay can’t let that happen, and so we surmise
Despite all the talk of the taper to come
By Christmas this year they’ll have grown QE’s sum
And so, ten-year yields, when this year’s finally done
Will print on your screen at percentage of One

And what about stocks after last year’s huge gains
Are more in the future?  Or will we feel pains?
Alas, what I fear is though real rates will sink
So too, GDP, will not grow, though not shrink
Instead, when the history’s written next year
A stagnant economy will bring no cheer
Thus, stocks will deflate, though I don’t think crash land
But don’t be surprised if we fall ‘neath Four Grand

Let’s turn now to things you can see and can feel
Commodities, which unlike stocks, are quite real
For oil the first thing to note is the lack
Of funding, which has caused a drilling cutback
The thing is demand has not fallen in sync
Thus, causing the policymakers to blink
And rather than forcing the drillers to freeze
Instead, are now begging, drill more pretty please
But in the meantime, ere those new wells are sunk
One Hundred per barrel is near a slam-dunk

The barbarous relic we also must view
As many believe it contains value, true
Though there’s now a camp that claims it’s been replaced
By Bitcoin and Ether and feel gold’s a waste
But whether a hodler or gold bug are you
Their trends will diverge throughout Aught Twenty-Two
In gold’s case there will be strong growth in demand
And at year’s end it will have flown ‘bove Two Grand
But Bitcoin has shown with stonks it’s correlated
As they fall, so too, will Bitcoin be deflated
Come Christmas next do not be very surprised
If Bitcoin, to $30K, has been revised

And finally, let ‘s turn to foreign exchange
Where this year I think we shall see quite a range
At first while belief remains Jay is a hawk
More strength in the dollar is likely a lock
But as things progress and the ‘conomy slows
Then Jay will be forced to adjust the Fed’s prose
From hawkish to dovish is what we will get
And H2 next year will, the dollar, beset

The euro, at first, will, new lows, likely test
But when it comes clear that QT’s not progressed
As well as the fact that Lagarde’s ECB
Has quietly lessened their rampant QE
Investors will find that when euros are sought
At year’s end, One-Thirty is where they’ll be bought

A similar story in England abounds
Where tightening money will strengthen their pounds
The Old Lady, sited on Threadneedle Street
Will not, on inflation, decide to retreat
Instead, rates will rise there four times through this year
And Sterling, One-Sixty, on screens will appear

From here let’s head east to the nation whose Wall
Was built in an effort, the Huns, to forestall
In modern times, though, their economy’s grown
With output that spans T-shirts to the iPhone
With exports remaining the key to success
A weaker renminbi will help reduce stress
The thing is the goal of the President, Xi
Is not really growth but a strong currency
The upshot is when this year comes to an end
Five-Ninety renminbi we’ll all comprehend

A bit further east lies a nation of isles
Which taught us that Zen leads to healthy lifestyles
This nation, despite lacking metals or oil
Grew rich on the sheer dint of well-designed toil
Its yen has developed a clear reputation
For safety since the GFC dislocation
So, this year when growth disappoints round the earth
One Hundred and Five yen the buck will be worth

Our eastward excursion is not yet complete
As Canada’s Loonie moves to the front seat
Up north they have already started the shift
From policy ease to a much tighter drift
Responding to prices that have been on fire
And trying to stop them from going still higher
Thus, don’t be surprised when the CAD follows rates
And reaches One-Ten come the year’s final dates

And lastly let’s make a right turn and head toward
The nation where all that tequila is poured
Already, Banxico is fighting the fight
To hold back inflation with all of its might
The problem for them is inflation’s a bear
And so hard to halt when it’s rampant elsewhere
So, this year despite all the central bank’s drive
To Twenty-Two look for the peso to dive.

Now let’s turn to something of greater import
How much I appreciate all your support
As we begin yet one more year in this game
There’s one thing I must very clearly exclaim
May Twenty-Two be a year of, tidings, glad
With happiness, health and no cause to be sad

Have a very happy and healthy Twenty Twenty-Two!

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  1. Another classic! Happy New Year and have a great 2022! We’re spending the “winter” on the beach at Panama City Beach. Rob

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