Poems from 2009

March 18, 2009

Well, Ben and the boys aren’t lazy
They’re buying up bonds like they’re crazy
But what of the buck
It’s starting to suck
Its future is really quite hazy

I wonder what congressmen thought
That bailing out AIG bought
But checks filled with blanks
For hedge funds and banks
They owed, hence the damage they’d wrought.

March 19, 2009

Bernanke and boys meet today
One wonders what they’ll have to say
With rates on the floor
Will they ope the door
To buying T-Bonds everyday?

March 20, 2009

Now Congress is out on the warpath
With bonuses earning the most wrath
No longer, it seems
Can bankers have dreams
It’s just not a part of the new math

March 24, 2009

That Geithner is really a PPIP
And markets now think he’s quite hip
He’s spending our cash
Though some call it rash
And trying to captain the ship!

March 25, 2009 

Obama on TV once more
He’s starting to be quite the bore
He’ll cut deficits
Although he admits
He’s spending incredibly more!

March 26, 2009

First Bentsen, then Snow, then O’Neill
Now Geithner has said the surreal
The Chinese are right
The dollar’s a blight
I’m selling the dollar with zeal!

March 27, 2009

At Fiscal Year End
Yen wanders home like a stream
But will it sleep there?

March 31, 2009

Are you ready for action this week
First the ECB members will speak
Then G20 meets
With crowds in the streets
And payrolls on Friday look bleak.

April 1, 2009

In London the G20 meets
And protesters have filled the streets
“Abolish the Pound”
“The buck isn’t sound”
“We’re tired of bankers’ deceits!”

April 2, 2009

The ECB cut twenty-fine
The dollar continues its dive
But now will Trichet
Have something to say
That indicates Europe will thrive?

April 3, 2009

Karl Marx must be smiling today
The G20’s moving his way
Big government’s back
The future looks black
Competition will be swept away

April 7, 2009


So Barney says, loans that you take
Must be repaid, that’s no mistake
But who will provide
The proof that you tried
If your promise you now need to break

April 8, 2009

Will Stimulus Help
The Japanese awaken
Or slumber remain?

April 9, 2009

State taxes are going much higher
As spending needs clearly require
That governor’s take
From that which you make
Much more than you really desire

April 13, 2009

Three cheers for the Navy today
Who blew those three pirates away
In future lets hope
That Pirates and rope
Are combined in a frequent display!

April 14, 2009

The man loves to hear his own voice
The rest of us don’t have a choice
Obama will speak
Again, he’s not meek
When he’s done will the market’s rejoice?

April 15, 2009

Barack’s speech essentially began
“I’m spending as fast as I can”
Though debt will grow large
The “Rich” bear that charge
Its part of my ultimate plan

April 27, 2009

The Swine Flu’s the topic du jour
As countries, their borders secure
Now its understood
That risk is no good
Til somebody trots out a cure.

April 28, 2009

The first of the Stress Tests have leaked
BankAmerica and Citi are piqued
They’re named as the worst
While their management’s cursed
And the equity markets have freaked

April 29, 2009

For Barack, his first hundred days
Have garnered both bile and praise
But what happens next
To all his projects
And to all of our 401k’s?

April 30, 2009

So Chrysler is heading for bust
Its creditors full of disgust
And what of GM?
It too, we’ll condemn
These firms, like their cars, did combust

May 1, 2009

American banks have much stress
Just how much is anyone’s guess
Results are delayed
And bankers betrayed
While Obama’s team adds to the mess

May 4, 2009

This week many Central Banks meet
And interest rate cuts will compete
With stress test reports
Filled with all sorts
Of info on bank balance sheets.

May 5, 2009

Risk is in favor once more
Its equities, traders adore
The question I’d pose
Is who really knows
If things are improved from before?

May 8, 2009

It seems that there’s not as much stress
Though some in the market obsess
Ten banks now do seek
To prove they’re not weak
And cynics ask, what’d they suppress?

May 11, 2009

The markets are buying what’s risky
With equity markets quite frisky
But eyes open wide
In case there’s a slide
That drives traders back to their whiskey

May 12, 2009

The US economy’s strong
Bernanke keeps singing this song
But currency folks
Think it must be a hoax
Selling dollars from dusk until dawn!

May 13, 2009

Our Triple A rating’s in doubt
Says Moody’s, who still has some clout
I guess when you spend
At our current trend
Eventually you’ll be found out!

May 14, 2009

Risk appetite seems to be sated
And equity markets sedated
As summer arrives
I ‘d question what drives
The buck, is it loved or now hated?

May 15, 2009

The Euro economy fell
And euros the market did sell
But what of the States
We’re in dire straits
We’ll soon bid the dollar farewell

May 18, 2009

Moody’s is back in the news
On Japan, they have altered their views
By issuing debt
They’ve increased the threat
That buyers, their money can lose

May 19, 2009

Is risk back in favor again?
If so, you should be shorting yen
But why is this so?
I really don’t know
Its outside the bounds of my ken!

May 21, 2009

So Standard & Poors pointed out
The UK’s strong rating’s in doubt
The pound headed lower
As growth will be slower
When will those ‘Green shoots’ truly sprout?

May 26, 2009

North Korea exploded a nuke
And equity markets did spook
The dollar got firm
At least for short term
Dear Leader did Barry rebuke

May 27, 2009

The Supremes have a new nominee
Sotomayor’s the latest to be
Labeled the best
Because she possessed
Barack’s new ideal; empathy

May 28, 2009

Into an abyss
Fell Japan’s once mighty yen
New trend? Or a fluke?

May 29, 2009

Under pressure
Across the board
The dollar’s weak
The pound adored


June 1, 2009

General Motors has bitten the dust
Today, they’re officially bust
But to our dismay
We all need to pay
For Barack’s bad plan, how unjust!

June 2, 2009

Young Timmy is in the Far East
To tell the Chinese we have ceased
Of each corporation
That didn’t, his palm, keep it greased

June 3, 2009

Once again the Fed changed the rules
For the banks who took money, those fools!
Bernanke can’t stand
To give up command
Of American banking, his jewels

June 4, 2009

No interest rate moves were expected
With Trichet and Darling suspected
Of waiting to see
What Ben Bernanke
Is likely to do, they’re connected

June 5, 2009

There was a Prime Minister, Brown
Who’s ratings fell rapidly down
As he stuttered and stumbled
The pound, it just tumbled
In time he’ll be losing his crown

June 8, 2009

The bank chiefs who’ve taken Fed cash
No longer sound terribly brash
Today they may hear
Some reasons to cheer
But some will be chopped into hash

June 9, 2009

Growth is elusive
The yen remains unconcerned
Who’s driving Japan?

June 10, 2009

Now ten banks have paid back the TARP
On these banks we’ll no longer harp
But what of the rest
Which remain distressed
Their managers don’t look so sharp!

June 11, 2009

Today it is Ken Lewis’ turn
For Congress to show that they’re stern
Did Ben or did Hank
Force Lewis’s bank
To keep Merrill, and let Ken burn?

June 12, 2009

Yosano shows his
‘Unshakable’ confidence
What of all others?

June 15, 2009

In Iran, the voters did speak
Alas, the outcome is bleak
Maintains the facade
He won, and all others are weak

June 16, 2009

Medvedev’s feeling his oats
Filling the press with his quotes
Its now understood
The dollar’s no good
Use Rubles for all your bank notes!

June 17, 2009

Health care is just so yesterday
Obama’s on finance today
Get ready to hear
That things are austere
More capital will pave the way

June 18, 2009

Both Sonia and Hillary fell
Resulting in joints that did swell
Are lawsuits to be
By those who are not named Michelle?

June 19, 2009

The Treasury Sec, Tiny Tim
Told Congress that things were quite grim
Unless you act soon
The markets might swoon
Does anyone still believe him?

June 22, 2009

Investors are scared
Risk trades really are risky
Buy yen and dollars

June 23, 2009

Today, the Federal Reserve
Starts meeting to try to preserve
What many now hope
Is a positive slope
In America’s GDP curve

June 24, 2009

The Swiss said “Enough is enough”
On speculators we will be tough
So Swiss Francs they sold
For dollars, not gold
Who’ll dare call them on their next bluff?

June 25, 2009

The GOP’s solemn today
Mark Sanford, their hopes did betray
Despite pious views
It all was a ruse
An Argentine led him astray

June 26, 2009

The dollar is under attack
The Chinese are talking more smack
But rubles and yuan
Are more of a con
Strong values they certainly lack

June 29, 2009

If taxes you thought wouldn’t rise
You’re in for a nasty surprise
Whatever you make
Barack’s gonna take
As much as his minions devise

June 30, 2009

The verdict on Madoff is in
He heard it with certain chagrin
One hundred plus years
The judge shed no tears
As Bernie looked on with a grin

July 1, 2009

Al Franken has finally been seated
The Senate’s no longer depleted
It seems only fitting
That a comic’s now sitting
Common sense has at last been defeated

July 2, 2009

The ECB didn’t change rates
And now everyone awaits
With major concern
Employment outturn
And how, in FX, it translates

July 6, 2009

Obama’s in Russia to talk
Medvedev and Putin will balk
At cutting H-bombs
They’ve many real qualms
And won’t cede their image as hawks

July 7, 2009

There was an advisor named Laura
Who played with the box of Pandora
Stimulus cash
Will not make a splash
She told Congress to spend much more – a

July 8, 2009

In Italy, the G8 is meeting
Progress will, at best, be fleeting
For they’ve not a care
What costs others bear
While elections they still are competing

July 9, 2009

Soars like an eagle
The strong yen, good for Japan?
Or an albatross?

July 10, 2009

Obama will meet with the Pope
No doubt there’ll be much talk of hope
Will Barack concede
America’s greed
Has led the world down a steep slope?

Almost certainly!!

July 13, 2009

As summer meanders along
The dollar has turned out quite strong
Risk seeking is through
Safety we pursue
At least til we’re next proven wrong

July 14, 2009

The first of Obama’s new czars
Steve Rattner, who handled the cars
Has thrown in the towel
His critics did howl
Now they’re passing round big fat cigars!

July 16, 2009

In China, their growth has resumed
Consumption has finally boomed
Alas in the States
We’ve still dire straits
Those ‘Green Shoots’ have just not yet bloomed

July 20, 2009

To Mumbai did Hillary travel
On climate she pounded the gavel
But India said
On our growth don’t tread
Obama’s hopes start to unravel

July 23, 2009

Bernanke spent most of this week
In front of the cameras to speak
Of just how the Fed
Will act out ahead
When employment is no longer bleak

July 24, 2009

Risk is no longer so frightful
In fact many think its delightful
As equities soar
Its smiles galore
Take care when the market gets spiteful!

August 6, 2009

There was an Old Lady, a honey
Who managed the UK’s broad money
She increased the size
Of Gilts that she buys
Not yet is the outlook too sunny!

August 7, 2009

Its payroll time, markets await
The numbers, which just might be great
Hopes keep on climbing
That all the pump priming
Will help the US to inflate

August 10, 2009

The President’s numbers are falling
His plans, many folks find appalling
He’s spending this cash
In a headlong dash
To prevent Pelosi from bawling.

August 11, 2009

Bernanke and boys start today
To figure what they’re gonna say
Is growth coming back
Or are things still slack
What message will they now convey?

August 12, 2009

BOE Governor King
Said inflation is just no big thing
The economy’s slow
And we want it to grow
So rates aren’t soon to take wing!

August 13, 2009

Bernanke and company said
Don’t worry we’re looking ahead
We’ll slow up the pace
We buy bonds with grace
On US growth we will not tread

August 14, 2009

Tiny Tim Geithner declared
That Wall St firms ought to be scared
Ken Feinberg, the Czar
Will chomp his cigar
While de-ciding who will be spared

August 17, 2009

In Shanghai, the stock market fell
This rally, we must bid farewell
As risk seems too risky
Most traders are frisky
And looking for levels to sell

August 18, 2009

In England inflation keeps rising
Which really seems very surprising
Despite growth that’s slowing
Prices keep growing
And forecasts show constant revising

August 19, 2009

The health care debate keeps on going
Accusations on both sides keep growing
The market concern
Is money they’ll burn
While nothing of value bestowing!

August 20, 2009

Each summer the central banks meet
In Jackson Hole, its not discreet
This year there’ll be praise
For Bernanke’s plays
But critics still want Ben’s retreat

August 24, 2009

The future of growth, will it be
A W, U, or a V?
The debate rages on
No conclusion foregone
Alas, with less strength I agree

August 25, 2009

Obama’s decided that Ben
Should be the Fed Chairman again
And Senator Dodd
Who’s a bit of a clod
Said Bernanke’s a giant ‘mongst men

August 27, 2009

Sarkozy said this is the end
The euro must certainly bend
No longer can we
Let the dollar fall free
On the ECB we can’t depend

August 28, 2009

The election nears
Is a new wind now blowing?
Will the markets care?

August 31, 2009

In Shanghai, share prices are sinking
Its got many traders to thinking
Has risk appetite
Begun to take flight?
If so, watch the euro keep shrinking

September 1, 2009

In England, Prime Minister Brown
Said bankers must learn to tone down
Their bonus demands
Lest government hands
Extract bigger fees for the Crown

September 2, 2009

Soon Congress will be back in session
And Health Care will be their obsession
What will markets think
If Democrats blink
They’ll cheer is my current impression!

September 3, 2009

Tomorrow we all get to learn
If payrolls will make a return
I don’t understand
The numbers at hand
For clarity, I truly yearn

September 4, 2009

Its payrolls, hang on to your hat
Most traders prepare for combat
If job losses drop
The dollar may pop
If they rise then the buck should fall flat

September 8, 2009

The summer has finally passed
I hope that you all had a blast
Now autumn is here
And the dollar, I fear
Is headed much lower quite fast

September 9, 2009

Tonight we hear President O
On healthcare, should be quite a show
But markets won’t like
Another tax hike
And the dollar, how low can it go?

September 10, 2009

The President spoke, telling us
With the Right he just wants to discuss
Why his plan is the best
Despite recent protest
For the dollar, this isn’t a plus

September 14, 2009

The US and China at war
On Trade, it’s a sight to abhor
According to Woo*
The dollar should do
The best of the currency corps

September 15, 2009

The Treasury’s selling its stock
In Citigroup, so they unlock
Additional cash
Rather than slash
The budget of pork barrel schlock

September 16, 2009

The new FinMin in Japan
Said, On stronger yen there’s no ban
As long as the move
Is slow, I approve
So exporters must find a new plan

September 17, 2009

There was an old President, Carter
The years haven’t made him much smarter
He does love to put
His mouth around foot
His racist cries are a nonstarter

September 18, 2009

The G20 meets this weekend
On bankers much time they will spend
They don’t like the fact
That bankers attract
Paychecks that their own do transcend!

September 21, 2009

This weekend the G20 meets
As talking shops go nothing beats
The blather that comes
By flapping their gums
So far there’s no mob in the streets

September 22, 2009

The Fed starts its meeting today
Though rate hikes are far, far away
The question of note
Is how will they vote
On ending QE? Will they say?

September 23, 2009

The MPC voted as one
No further QE to be done
The market for quid
Went handily bid
As short sellers wound up undone

September 29, 2009

A special event has been chaired
The British are getting quite scared
The pound’s taken heat
As Cber’s meet
Its future looks somewhat impaired

September 30, 2009

Will CIT go to the wall?
If it does, will stock markets fall?
Are they too big to fail?
Will logic prevail?
Or does meddling, still Ben enthral?

October 1, 2009

The government wanted his head
Now Lewis has finally fled
But who wants that chair
A pit of dispair
A successor will take it with dread

October 2, 2009

Is Deflation about to return?
It is certainly cause for concern
Japan’s suffered for
A decade of more
From this issue, but did the Fed learn?

October 5, 2009

In Turkey the G7 met
They’re not ending stimulus yet
Alas for the buck
Their words held no pluck
While the Treasury’s piling on debt

October 6, 2009

A rumor was started last night
Producer’s of oil took fright
They’d soon toss the buck
And if they’ve some luck
Use moneys with more strength in sight

October 7, 2009

In markets with little to note
Its Gold that is rocking the boat
To many’s surprise
Last night made new highs
While the dollar gets nobody’s vote

October 8, 2009

Both England and Europe left rates
Where they’ve been for seven months straight
The question at hand
Will Trichet expand
On changing them, fueling debates

October 9, 2009

Bernanke was back on the tape
“The economy’s not in bad shape”
And when the time’s right
We shan’t be contrite
We’ll change the financial landscape

October 12, 2009

Finance Minister
Fujii says that Yen strength might
Make things difficult

October 13, 2009

In Germany, sentiment fell
Is this economic farewell?
The market still buys
Their euros in size
While the dollar heads straight into he**

October 14, 2009

In health care, the first steps are taken
Republican views were foresaken
The dollar’s been dumped
Other nations are pumped
Has the US foundation been shaken?

October 15, 2009

Down Under recession has ended
And rate hikes will soon be extended
Our analysts say
That one’s on the way
On this call they must be commended

October 16, 2009

Tiny Tim Geithner did say
A strong dollar’s the only way
To help the U.S.
Get out of its mess
The market did listen today

October 19, 2009

In Europe the FinMins will meet
To talk about issues discreet
One issue for sure
Is ‘Is there a cure’
For a euro that will not retreat?

October 20, 2009

The FinMins said what we expected
The dollar should not be neglected
A dollar that’s firm
Throughout our full term
Will help us to be re-elected

October 21, 2009

The BOE Governor, King
Explained there was one certain thing
Rates clearly must rise
He said, no surprise
Yet Sterling surprised and took wing!

October 22, 2009

At firms where the US invested
Firm loyalty soon will be tested
Obama’s pay czar
Cut salaries far
Below what all workers requested

October 23, 2009

In England the GDP sank
That sure surprised the Central Bank
Their recent words were
Soon growth would occur
So everyone bought the Swiss Franc

October 26, 2009

In China an analyst wrote,
Though it won’t come down to a vote
Its clearly the case
Euros we’ll embrace
As balanced accounts we promote.

October 27, 2009

On Health Care the Senate will vote
A new bill to add to the bloat
Of Public Finance
Give them half a chance
And Senators, themselves promote

October 28, 2009

So GMAC is back for more cash
The last tranche is nothing but ash
Could it really be
The Fed guarantee
Has turned all our taxes to trash?

November 3, 2009

In England two banks are in trouble
They’re still coming down from the bubble
More government cash
Should prevent a crash
But what will emerge from the rubble?

November 4, 2009

Will the ‘Period’ still be ‘Extended’
Where the Fed leaves its rates unamended?
All eyes on the tape
There is no escape
Beware of results unintended

November 5, 2009

The Fed left their statement intact
In Europe no change, that’s a fact
But minutes away
We’ll here from Trichet
And likely the buck will get whacked!

November 6, 2009

Its payroll day, traders await
The numbers, there’s been much debate
Has joblessness grown?
And must we postpone
Declaring all’s well with the State?

November 9, 2009

The G20 met and they said
In order to move things ahead
That money would be
Essentially free
As long as these fears are widespread

November 11, 2009

On Veteran’s Day we should pause
To remember the holiday’s cause
World War One ended
Alas, we’ve extended
Humanity’s inherent flaws

November 12, 2009

Said Tiny Tim Geithner to all
At APEC, the dollar did fall
But we’re on the case
We’re slowing the pace
Of descent to a leisurely crawl!

November 13, 2009

Will China revalue the yuan?
In the past, its all been a con
Come Monday I’ll bet
That we’ll all forget
And find something else to trade on

November 16, 2009

In Singapore APEC did meet
On global growth, talk was concrete
And what did they say?
That money to pay
Would keep coming sheet after sheet

November 19, 2009

The dollar is gaining today
Most sellers are falling away
Risk seems to be bad
For traders to add
Too far from the herd few will stray

November 20, 2009

In another significant blow
To Bernanke, they want GAO
To audit the Fed
But I ask instead
Why think that they’d be in the know?

November 23, 2009

This weekend the Senate did vote
On health care, now Democrats gloat
They’ll fin’lly have time
To show how sublime
Their bill is, which now they’ll promote

November 24, 2009

The Old Lady’s Governor King
Said selling out bonds is the thing
We’re thinking about
But we’re still in doubt
Of whether its winter or spring

November 25, 2009

The dollar has broken its range
Its sellers have sensed there’s a change
Another leg down
Agreed all around
Is due on the Foreign Exchange

November 30, 2009

There was a small country, Dubai
Which borrowed much cash to supply
Its grandiose dreams
With girders and beams
Alas, all that debt just won’t fly

December 1, 2009

Deflation is real
Said Fujii, we must act now
But no QE came

December 2, 2009

To intervene
Or simply say that you might
The BOJ, no?

December 4, 2009

Ben Bernanke is up for debate
In the Senate, and its not sedate
The Left and the Right
Have poor Ben in sight
To blame for the country’s bad state

December 7, 2009

Well, banks have repaid most of TARP
Yet congressmen still like to carp
We saved all their butts
So lets not be nuts
We’ll cut their payouts something sharp

December 8, 2009

Moodys said, UK beware
Your debt profile’s starting to scare
Unless you enthral
Your rating may fall
On the Pound this will certainly wear

December 9, 2009

Bankers are back in the sights
Of Treasurer Darling, by rights
He’s raising their tax
Regardless of facts
Look out now for vicious word fights

December 10, 2009

Sarkozy said, Alistair, thanks
For raising the taxes on banks
Now I’ll do the same
Since banks are to blame
For ending the use of French Francs

December 11, 2009

In Oslo the President spoke
His Peace Prize, to many a joke
He finally received
And so he achieved
An honor, with mirrors and smoke

December 14, 2009

Abu Dhabi stepped up to the plate
Supporting Dubai’s weakened state
Ten Billion in cash
Has made quite a splash
Now risk once again can abate

December 15, 2009

‘Tween Greece and some Austrian banks
The market is saying no thanks
To holding euros
They don’t want the woes
So watch while that currency tanks

December 16, 2009

The Fed tells us this afternoon
If they are still singing a tune
Of very low rates
Which they hope translates
Into the economy’s boon

December 17, 2009

My goodness! Its different today
The market has shown its dismay
Of all things euro
And sold it quite low
But lower is still on the way!

December 18, 2009

In Denmark, Obama’s returned
To speak ere the conference adjourned
To be, Not to be
Please listen to me
I’ts hard to be constantly spurned.

December 21, 2009

Has Healthcare surmounted the hump?
Is Congress now ready to lump
Medical payments
For all the new claimants
On taxpayers in spite of their grump

December 22, 2009

In Greece things just keep getting worse
Now Moodys said they’d be averse
To buying Greek notes
While Germany gloats
For the euro, it acts as a curse

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