Who is the fxpoet?

Andrew Fately (@fx_poet)has been excited about markets since his first exposure to a block equity desk in the summer of 1979.

He earned his Bachelors of Science in Management from MIT in 1980 and his Masters of Business Administration from NYU in 1983.  To achieve the latter, he may well have been the last person to write a Master’s Thesis to obtain that degree.  It’s topic?  “On the Pricing of Foreign Currency Options” completed before Professors Garman and Kohlhagen wrote their more widely recognized version on the same topic.  From then until 1999, he traded a variety of products, mostly options on FX, but also spot and forward FX, options on precious metals and options on foreign government bonds (Bunds, Bonos and such).

Shortly after the Long Term Capital crisis blended with the Russian sovereign default at the end of 1998, he decided it was time for a new challenge, (one that resulted in fewer 2am phone calls because of events in Thailand or some other Asian nation).  Thus was born the sales career of Andy Fately, speaking daily to his corporate clients and trying to help them determine the best timing and strategy to manage their firms’ risks.

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